Clean, analyze and understand your data


Appraiser IconAppraisalEst is the leading GIS based analytical tool set which allows you to accurately model and understand your data. A patented powerful all in one map based solution for all your queries. It provides the ability to cleanse and review your data, test for representativeness and use mass regression to create and review valuations. The valuation process uses property attributes, comparables and location to create the most accurate market values – performing Multiple Regression Analysis or Comparable Sales Analysis quickly and easily.

Five Simple Steps in AppraisalEst

  •  Data Import and Cleansing
  •  Review Sales Data
  • Test for Representativeness
  • Generate Accurate Values
  • Sales Ratio Analysis


  • Efficiently Cleanse your data
  • Easily visualize & review your data on a map
  • Generate market valuations based on regression and comparable sales
  • Works with any CAMA system
  • Enable appraiser to easily generate regression value analysis
  • Generate multiple values to check consistency and predictive accuracy

What our Clients Say

I liken the product to a football game were you start out going eighty yards in the first play by using Appraiser and then just having to fine tune from there to get to the end of the reappraisal.

Sumner County TN, Property Assessor

It's very easy for us to justify the cost because it just saves so much time and so much work in our reappraisal so we found that it was a very good product and a very good investment.

Sumner County TN, Property Assessor

Data cleansing was obviously a very big part of it and then of course validating that information was wonderful.

Wilson County NC, Tax Administrator

We use it to verify and create values for the next reappraisal using the market value approach rather than something like a cost basis which really just doesn’t seem to fit into a market as fast growing as ours.

Montgomery County TN, Assessor of Property