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King County, WA Releases Tax Transparency Tool by Spatialest

King Co, WA. July 2018

By: Rachel Riley

July 2018: Tax Transparency Site Release

We are delighted to announce that King County, WA, the largest county in Washington has released ‘Tax Transparency’ by Spatialest. The new site uses mapping technology to deliver a variety of relevant information to the residents of Seattle and the region. “The Assessor’s new transparency tool will make it easier than ever for the people of King County to know how their property taxes are being invested and what portion is supporting local, regional, or state-wide infrastructure and services.” commented King County Executive, Dow Constantine.

John Wilson, Assessor, added “We are working on policy proposals to relive some of the property tax burden on homeowners, especially those on fixed income. In the meantime, the least we can do is give taxpayers more information about our complicated property tax system.

This is an extension to the ‘Community’ solution already deployed within King County.” said Ian Lamont, from Spatialest. “This sort of visibility and transparency is exactly what we and the County strive for and it’s exciting to be part of the process.” continued Lamont.

The site is available here.