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Map based Appraisal Toolset by Spatialest helps Franklin County, WA

Franklin Co, WA. June 2018

June 2018: Pasco, WA

We are pleased to announce that the Franklin County Assessor’s Office, Pasco, WA has implemented the Spatialest Appraisal Toolset solution throughout the office. Steve Marks, Assessor, commented “We, the employees of the Franklin County Assessor’s Office have a primary mission to maintain the property assessment system in a way that is equitable, fair and uniform to all the citizens of Franklin County and at the same time meet all constitutional and statutory requirements.” he added “The Spatialest product will enable us to perform analysis quickly and easily, leverage our resources optimally, saving money, preventing unnecessary burdens on IT and bottle-necks in operations.

The solution is a map-based toolset comprising data cleansing functionality, predictive modelling, including MRA and Comparable Sales Analysis, Ratio Study Analysis and more. The solution was implemented through Q2, 2018

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