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Spatialest updates El Paso, CO online resources

El Paso Co, TC

By: Rachel Riley

Aug 21, 2018
A year long revamp of the El Paso County Assessor Office website went public Tuesday, making it easier to find information on more than 280,000 parcels tracked by the office.

“The website consolidates parcel details in one ‘property record card’ so users no longer have to click on several hyperlinks to access information such as sales data.”, Assessor Steve Schleiker told county commissioners at their regular Tuesday morning. “Each record card gives the parcel’s assessed value, applicable tax-levying entities, building details and property photos. It can be printed, in whole or in part, with just a few clicks.”, he said.

Users always could search for a property by address, schedule number or owner name. But now, they also can use an interactive map to search for a piece of land by neighborhood and click on different parcels for detail. The makeover also added a ‘Citizen Comper’ which provides property owners with information about parcels nearby to help them decide if they will appeal a property’s new value when the Assessor’s Office mails out tax value notices after reassessments every other year. So anyone now has access to the same data as Schleiker’s staff, creating “government transparency, from my office to the citizen,” he said.

“The upgrades provide a modern interface and offer a wealth of functionality for both casual and professional users that use the assessor’s website,” he told commissioners. “With more and more users accessing services in nontraditional methods, it’s important that the Assessor’s Office respond to that demand.”

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