Make your information available to everyone


Community logoCommunity makes accessing information easy. It is a central data hub that creates a powerful, map-based dashboard of information. Any data, any location and any context can be connected to create an intelligent, analytical and dynamic picture. Patterns and trends are apparent, helping and supporting your decision making process. Visualize, analyze, share and publish your information like never before. Enable collaboration throughout the office, the County and engage with citizens.

Easy Steps

  • Summarize by area, type or time
  • Review Permits, Deeds & Tax Bills
  • Check Sales and Appraised Values
  • Engage and Empower Citizens
  • Share and Collaborate with Colleagues
  • Indentify and Analyze Relationships

Key Benefits

  • All your data in one place
  • Integrate multiple sources of data
  • Dynamically update results
  • Create transparency and accessibility
  • Review and analyze information by area
  • Engage with citizens & decision makers

What Our Clients Say

We’ve been able to personalize that product to Mecklenberg County to what we need at that time and I figure that as we go towards our 2019 revaluation we’re going to adjust it again to our needs and the expectations of that time period.

Mecklenburg County NC, Assessor

We've been able to offer more to our citizens, offer more to our management and our Commissioners.

Mecklenburg County NC, Assessor

Community is probably the most exciting thing that I am working on right now.

Montgomery County TN, Assessor of Property