Take the pain out of finding comparables


Comper LogoThe easiest to use Appeals and Review tool available. Quickly and easily select, review, validate and share comparable sales on a map. Relevant sales information is displayed allowing reports to be generated. You will gain confidence in your valuations and be able to share information with citizens reducing appeals and managing them more effectively.

Easy Steps

  • Quickly locate Sales Evidence
  • Review Options and Alternatives
  • Easily swap Comps
  • Create Reports
  • Review Similar Properties nearby
  • Alter Selection Criteria
  • Store Changes
  • Create Web Reports

Key Benefits

  • Instantly find the best comparable sales
  • Highly customizable search criteria
  • Simple to use, online and easily accessible
  • Reduce or validate appeals, saving time & money
  • Available in house and to the citizen
  • Supports and gives confidence in your valuation process

What Our Clients Say

I just could not imagine a better investment for our office.

Sumner County TN, Property Assessor

Instead of getting out in the car and having to check all this with drivetime, its cut our time down, where normally it would take an hour to hour and a half to go out in the field, look at the property and come back and do the computer work, we can do it right at the desk in fifteen minutes and be finished with it.

Darlington County SC, Assessor

We completely disarmed, in a good way, the taxpayer, where we start focusing on values and then showing them the answers that come out of Comper and how it relates back to our valuations. It just almost eliminated any protests that we had this year, so it was astounding. We thought it would be good but we had no idea that it would be as good as it was.

Garfield County OK, Assessor