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Our award winning development team can help you customise your applications and processes so they precisely address the problems you want solved. We are experts in geo tech and assessment. We understand the issues surrounding data and the workflows you require. We will be able to advise you on what is possible and work through solutions in a notably quick time.

Mecklenburg County, NC

Neighborhood Review Tool – a standard report for each area that generates key information allowing appraisers to assess for homogeneity, areas requiring further work on market analysis or valuation modelling and data anomalies.

Revaluation Review Status – an online update that allows citizens to see how the revaluation of their area is progressing. It provides accurate and timely information, reassures the public that errors are being corrected, builds confidence that values are being equitably adjusted and helps to foster relations between the Assessor’s office and the public.

King County, WA

An affordability index within the Community product displays heat maps that combine census and house sales data to show how affordable housing is across Seattle. This aids the public in house buying decisions and helps the County develop housing strategies for the city.

Examples of work we have carried out

  • Davidson County, TN
    • Advanced Sales Search
    • MASS – Neighborhood Analysis and Reports
    • Content Management System Website with integrated Property Record Card
  • Durham County, NC
    • Tax Bill Search and Delinquency List platform, with support for payments
    • Advanced Sales Search
  • Mecklenburg County, NC
    • Neighborhood Review Tool – identify anomalies and post model analysis
    • Revaluation Review Status – inform the citizen with the progress of the revaluation by Neighborhood
  • King County, WA
    • Residential Affordability – combining residential sales and census data