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Property Record Card

Property Record Card IconProperty Record Card consolidates your entire parcel and property details in a single place for staff and citizens alike. Any data can be included to provide one source of reliable information, integrate Property Record Card with Comper, Community or Ortho-Photography to create a complete knowledge base for your County. You can search by filters, map selection or both and allow citizens to help clean up the information.

Easy Steps

  • Consolidates individual parcel information from multiple locations
  • Customized to individual requirements
  • Highly visual, easy to use and understand
  • Integrates with existing and third party information systems
  • Single resource for the office and citizen
  • Allows citizens to comment on their details.

Key Benefits

  • Building & Land details
  • Deeds, Permits and Tax Bills
  • Printable Property Reports
  • Complete Parcel Information
  • Integrate Ortho-Photography
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Allow updates and edits

What Our Clients Say

As a process it helps us refine our data, helps us cleanse our data and also to avoid some appeals. A lot of appeals are not really about values, they are about data and if we can get the data cleaned up with the help of the property owner using the property record card product it reduces the appeal volume and it also, I think, improves citizen confidence in our values

Durham County NC, Deputy Assessor

We found that the PRC product with Spatialest put it into a very simple format, easy to understand, very manageable, changes were easy to make over time, so we got the product for public relations and its worked out great for our citizens.

Mecklenburg County NC, Assessor