Connecting Citizens With Their Cities

Citizen Information

Citizens can find it difficult to access information of interest to them about their property and the surrounding area. By sharing information with citizens, you keep them informed and allow them to access information independently without having to come through you. They will have a better understanding of the present situation in their neighborhood and also any changes that may affect them.

Community is the perfect platform for citizen engagement, information is made available in an intuitive map based format that is easy to search and navigate. Different areas can be viewed and the information displayed can be customised to include, for example census, permits, property prices and details of schools.

Details of individual parcels and properties is a must-have online resource. People want to be able to access their own details and others of interest. Plot size, sales history, assessed value, local sales and much more are displayed in a simple easy to use format.

Property Record Card is the ultimate on line record of all individual property information in a single location catering for the Assessor’s office and citizens alike. It creates a knowledge base for the County that can combine with third party information to create a rich picture of local properties.

As well as empowering citizens so they can satisfy their own queries a channel is provided to request a change if details are incorrect. This creates a helpful dialogue so that data can be updated efficiently, satisfying the wishes of all parties.