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Property Appraisal

Appraisal is a fundamental task of any Assessors office – ensuring that citizens pay a fair amount of tax and that the local area benefits accordingly. If assessed values are too high citizens will be unhappy, if they are too low the local area may lose income and suffer.

It is recognized that sales values of the best Local Comparables, together with supporting statistics can provide a trustworthy method to determine Assessed values. Spatialest is a powerful all in one tool that uses a patented process combined with multiple regression to generate accurate values.

Data is loaded and visualized on a map so that it can be easily understood, errors are identified and cleaned and individual values for whole neighborhoods are generated in seconds with a full statistical analysis. The results can be used to test existing values giving confidence and support to the Assessor’s office.

Finding the best comparables to review a property or defend an appeal is essential if an accurate result is to be achieved. Comper simplifies this process, by setting selection criteria on an intuitive dashboard comparables are generated in a matter of seconds and the best then selected. They can then be shared in the office or with citizens to help with the appeal process.

Citizen is the publicly available version which allows tax payers to carry out this process themselves.

Also using the best comparables you can generate a value that can be used to check the reliability of your Assessed value against sales values, this will give confidence in your process.